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Max Wax LIVE!, Vol. 79

Mack is pulling the stream and going LIVE for another episode of 2 Turntables and a Microphone, otherwise known as Max Wax LIVE! Tonight’s full of killer riffs, including… Ghost, Mastodon, Sleep, Royal Blood, The Sword, ISIS and MORE! It’s time to get loud!

Max Wax, Vol. 71

Some of Mack’s rarest albums are in his jazz stash, and it’s full of some killers. Tune in at 9PM EST/6PM PST to jam some deep cuts off of some highly sought after wax. Your mind may be slightly blown at what you hear! Heavy jazz for a heavy world.

Max Wax, Vol. 67

The weight of the world crushes down… and it sometimes takes metal to lift us back up. This show is meant to help with that process.
Heavy Music For A Heavy World

The Schizophonic, Session 69

It looks like all the technical glitches are behind us, so The Schizophonic returns with an all new episode! Tune in to hear the eclectic mix we are known for! Right from the turntable to your ears.

Max Wax, Vol. 66

The new QOTSA album has landed. And if you dig ’em, then you’re not going to want to miss this show, featuring tracks from every QOTSA album, including the brand new “Villains”, plus rare covers and live cuts. Let’s dance… on a brand new edition of Max Wax.

The Schizophonic, Session 68

Tonight on The Schizophonic, we concentrate on songs that came out in the Pre CD era. A lot of classics on this session including Sabbath and Priest, with a glimpse into Chuck’s vocal singing style!