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Into The Void, Episode 107

We journey into the void with mr Jay from Kingnomad for an hour long talk about HP Lovecraft, the void within and the void of the forests in the north of Sweden. And we play the music from the brand new album “Mapping the inne void” out on February 24th on Ripple Music.

Into The Void, Episode 106

Life is a mosh pit in #106. We go head to head with Riley Gale, frontman and vocalist of Dallas crossover heroes Power Trip to talk about getting really close to the crowd, the logic of nightmares and the bands that has influenced him the most. All in this 60 minutes of mayhem and headbanging mania of an episode. Get a neck brace and a helmet ready. You gonna need it.

Sessions With Jimbo, Pt. 16

Jimbo brings you session 16 of SESSIONS WITH JIMBO!! Join me as I dive into the depths of STONER ROCK! I think there maybe a Sasquatch sighting.. Hmmmmm! ? Only on… Trendkillradio.com

The Schizophonic, Session 47

Tune in as we run the spectrum from Hair Metal to Prog Metal and a bunch of others in between.
There’s even a special surprise.

Straight from the turntable to your ears TrendkillRadio.com

Monuments in Ruin, Ch. 66

Birthdays, death days, the end brings us back to the beginning. Dust, air, time and the stars, these are all of our past, present and future. Join us as we write another chapter in the book of Monuments in Ruin.
Featuring: Neurosis, AC/DC, Northless, Soundgarden, Lock Lomond, Hellbender, Edhochuli, Thou

Into The Void, Episode 105 Pt.2

The annual Rockbox tribute show where we get nostalgic and try to sound like the radio show on Swedish national radio in the late 80’s that started your then beardless hosts interest for both doing radio and worshiping metal.

Into The Void, Episode 105 Pt.1

Into The Void Radio # 105:
The angry edition. The host is knocked out by Captain Trips and gets his frustration out during these 60 minutes of heavy death and doom in a thrashing pace.

Sonic Temple, Episode 18

This week: an exclusive interview with Athenar of Midnight plus brand new music by Custom Black, Endmaker, Kairon; IRSE!, Overkill, Dead Witches, Geezer, Tar Hag, Generation of Vipers, and Zakk Sabbath!!!

Sonic Temple, Blasko Special

Stoked af that I just taped an amazing 1 & 1/2 hour conversation with Mr @blasko1313 , current bassist for @ozzyosbourne & @zakksabbath – bassist for Danzig & @robzombieofficial —- and founding member of CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER about killer new heavy music & more. Expect this (and his killer playlist) on a very special episode of @sonictempleradio show, this Saturday on @trendkillradio.com!!!

Sessions With Jimbo, Pt. 15

Tonight I bring you the BRITISH INVASION! Four Iconic Metal bands from across the Atlantic!!
And… Just to make sure you all are listening. There will be a contest! I announced 2 songs from the same band in the wrong order. The people who listen and like or comment on the show. Get a prize! The prize? The show will air again at 11 PM EASTERN!! Then again tomorrow at 7 PM EASTERN!!