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Sonic Temple, Episode 21

It’s Sunday! And that means it’s time for temple & church: SONIC TEMPLE & VINYL CHURCH ⚫️ !!!
Here’s today’s full airing schedule, happening right now at TrendkillRadio.com : (all times EST)
Now playing : Sonic Temple Blasko SuperSpecial
12PM – SONIC TEMPLE Episode 21 (NEW)
1PM – SONIC TEMPLE Episode 20
2PM-9PM – VINYL CHURCH (All Vinyl, All Heavy af)
9PM – SONIC TEMPLE Episode 21 (NEW)
10PM – SONIC TEMPLE Episode 20
11PM – SONIC TEMPLE Episode 21 (NEW)

Get Some.

Into The Void, Episode 110

We venture into unknown space in #110 as we explore new releases of music from the heavy underground. And we have a exclusive premiere of a new tune by Alastor. Get heavy with Into the Void Radio.

Sessions With Jimbo, Pt. 18

This week I bring you music. No theme to the show just some good jams! A couple of surprises and a whole lotta rock! Only here on Trendkillradio.com.. KILL THE MOTHERFUCKING TREND!!

Monuments in Ruin, Ch. 69

“This week is packed full of records that have not gotten as much turntable time lately as they deserve. Great songs, heavy rockers, deep cuts and serious grooves! Tonight on Monuments in Ruin! Only on TrendKillRadio.com”
Featuring: Bob Dylan, Ray Charles, Gypsy, Lucifers Friend, Cactus, Epitaph, Santana, McLaughlin, Mountain

Monuments in Ruin, Ch. 68

“This week we honor some of the genre makers, trail blazers, forward thinkers and the elite song writers who stand alone in their craft as one-of-a-kind. No one has had their sound before and no one has quite captured their sound after. These artists can be picked out in the crowd of audio waves buy the connoisseur of music. Tonight on Monuments in Ruin! Only on TrendKillRadio.com”
Featuring: Kayo Dot, Tarantula Hawk, Miasma and the Carousel of Headless Horses, High on Fire, Grails

Sonic Temple, Episode 20

DPS sits down with HORISONT to chat about their new album, and spins the newest and freshest in heavy music from around the globe! Tonight at 9pm EST – ONLY on TrendkillRadio.com KTFT! Support heavy riffs, Listen to Sonic Temple!

Sessions With Jimbo, Pt. 17

Episode # 17!! Bass slapping Les Claypool show. Prepare for greatness!! Have fun with it!! Primus, Oysterhead etc.. !! And go! Only on Trendkillradio.com