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Jackie Zee, Episode 14

Continuing from last week, Jackie Zee keeps Revisiting Favorites from her playlists some years ago. There will be fuzz, and there will be riffs! Join the trip!
Every Monday at 7pm Eastern. TrendKillEadio.com

00:40 Pharaoh Overlord (FI) – Mystery Shopper/Mangrove (live) (#1 2000)
15:03 Bongzilla (US) – Champagne & Reefer (Amerijuanican 2005)
20:15 Earthride (US) – Vampire Circus (Vampire Circus 2005)
27:06 Planet Of Zeus (GR) – Stab Me (Eleven The Hard Way 2008)
32:59 Spiritual Beggars (SE) – Through The Halls (Demons 2005)
38:53 The Awesome Machine (SE) – Emotion Water (Under The Influence 2002)
47:41 Lowrider (SE) – Convoy V (Ode To Io 2000)
52:32 Suma (SE) – no, you’re the monkey (Let The Churches Burn 2006)

Jackie Zee, Episode 13

Jackie Zee finds new (to her) music all the time now! But – doesn’t mean any music is being forgotten. This episode is all about Favorites Revisited! Tune in for some of the best tracks on Jackie’s playlists about ten years ago!

00:49 Dozer (SE) – TX-9 (Madre De Dios 2001)
06:19 Colour Haze (DE) – Periscope (Periscope 1999)
12:33 Guano Apes (DE) – Kiss The Dawn (Walking On A Thin Line 2003)
17:32 Stone Temple Pilots (US) – Crackerman (Core 1992)
21:43 Lonely Kamel (NO) – Dark Lord (Lonely Kamel 2008)
26:04 Karma To Burn (US) – Nineteen (Almost Heathen 2001)
30:03 Reef (UK) – Repulsive (Replenish 1995)
35:06 Death From Above 1979 (CA) – Little Girl (You’re A Woman, I’m A Machine 2004)
40:30 Truckfighters (SE) – Superfunk (Gravity X 2005)
45:35 Acid King (US) – Silent Circle (Busse Woods 1999)
52:48 Mustasch (SE) – Taunus (The True Sound Of The New West 2001)

Jackie Zee, Episode 12

“Time for a look back at last month. Jackie Zee shares her February Finds on Bandcamp, and treats you to nine great tracks from mostly self-released debut albums!”

00:57 The Devil And The Almighty Blues (NO) – s/t – The Ghost of Charlie Barracuda
08:40 Svvamp (SE) – s/t – Time
13:10 Psychlona (UK) – Mojo Rising – Juju
17:36 SLoWBeef (BE) – aTaKaMa – aTaKaMa
25:02 Deep Down Bellow (SLO) – Everything Is Darker Than It Seems – Deep
31:40 Toner Low (NL) – III – Phase Six
41:33 Kanopi (US) – King V – King Vulture
47:51 Kurse (CA) – Tales Of The Wizard EP – Four Princes
55:06 The Devil And The Almighty Blues (NO) – s/t – Distance

Jackie Zee, Episode 11

“It’s fuzzy, it’s hard and it is rock n roll! On Jackie Zee’s 11th episode (with 11 songs!) the amazing Ohio band Valley Of The Sun takes home the whole hour! If you’re not already a grinning headbanging fan of theirs, prepare to be captivated!”
Monday at 7pm EST / 1am CET on TrendKillRadio.com

I Breathe The Earth (Volume Rock 2016)
Hearts Aflame (Sayings Of The Seers 2011)
Aquarius (Sayings Of The Seers 2011)
Riding The Dunes (Sayings Of The Seers 2011)
Worn Teeth (Electric Talons Of The Thunderhawk 2014)
As Earth And Moon (Electric Talons Of The Thunderhawk 2014)
Centaur Rodeo (Electric Talons Of The Thunderhawk 2014)
Eternal Forever (Volume Rock 2016)
Land Of Fools (Volume Rock 2016)
Solstice (Volume Rock 2016)
Empty Visions (Volume Rock 2016)