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Rabbit Trails, Path 13

Rabbit Trails, Path 13
Wednesday at 7PM EST

Come hang out for another hour of the Rabbit Trails.
David Scott hops into some of his favorite Latin jams along with one of the first rock songs to introduce a lot of distortion with feed back. What song is it?

1 hour, rock rhythm & blues, those deep cuts.

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Re-air on Thursday’s 4 PM EST

Rabbit Trails, Path 12

Jump into this rabbit hole with David Scott on his journey to the end of the path.
While in this trip you will hear some deep cuts from Queen, Terry Reid and a band that David Gilmour produced, Unicorn.
You don’t want to miss this.

Rabbit Trails, Path 06

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Take a stroll through Path 6 of the Rabbit Trails with David Scott. There you will hear from King’s of Leon, Chicago, The Monkees and so much more.

Turn the FM dial off and hear the music that you’ve missed for the passed 50 years.

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