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Sonic Collective, Ep. 14

Start your memorial day weekend off with some killer music from Black Label Society, Alice in Chains, and Testament just to get you warmed up. So check out the Sonic Collective tonight at 7pm EST only on Trendkill Radio.

Black Sabbath-Wicked World
Alice In Chains-Stone
Black Label Society-Peddlers Of Death
Danzig-Do You Wear The Mark
Burn The Priest-Inherit The Earth
Testament-Sails Of Charon
Death Angel-I Chose the Sky
Superjoint Ritual-It Takes No Guts
Alice Cooper-Schools Out

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 2018-05-22

Playlist 22-05-2018

Comacozer : Binbeal (In Search of Highs Volume I) Riot Season
Huminoita : Pilgrim (All Is Two) Luova Records
Named by the Sun : Solar Gain (Deathcap) Superhot Records
Monster Magnet : Lord 13 (Tab) Glitterhouse Records
Morgen : Of Dreams (Morgen) Probe
Mother Engine : Weihe/Leerlauf (Hangar) Own Release

Artwork: Huminoita

Sonic Collective, Ep. 13

Volbeat-Wild Rover Of Hell
Bad Religion-I Want To Conquer The World
White Zombie-Black Sunshine
Led Zeppelin-Communication Breakdown
Motley Crue-Live Wire
Reverend Horton Heat-Galaxy 500
Motorhead-Ace Of Spades
QOTSA-You Think I Aint Worth A Dollar, But I Feel Like A Millionaire

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 2018-05-15

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 2018-05-08

Playlist Wake Up 15-05-2018

Needlepoint : Soaring (Aimless Mary) BJK Music
Spiral Skies : The Wizard’s Ball (Blues for A Dying Planet) AOP
The Mon : Relics
Circle : Sick Child (Terminal) Southern Lord
The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol : Subterranean City (Superficial Marks) Cardinal Fuzz
Colour Haze : Z.E.N. (Los Sounds de Krauts) Elektrohasch
Stray : Suicide (Suicide) Castle Music
CHRCH : Aether (Light Will Consume Us All) Neurot

Sonic Collective, Ep. 12

Need something to play tonight while you’re grilling? Need something to play tonight while you’re working on the yard? Look no further!! I’ve got some killer jams tonight from Primus, Helmet, and Van Halen and many more. So crank it up and let (make) everyone hear The Sonic Collective! OG Airdate – 5/9/18

1. Motorhead-The Chase Is Better Than The Catch
2. Van Halen-Little Dreamer
3. Primus- Southbound Pachyderm
4. Corrosion Of Conformity-Dance Of The Dead
5. Faith No More-Mouth To Mouth
6. S.O.D.-Go
7. Helmet-Unsung
8. Melvins-Revolve
9. Deftones-Rocket Skates
10. Volbeat-Room 24

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 2018-05-08

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 2018-05-08

Playlist 08-05-2018

Dark Buddha Rising : Mahathgata I (II) Neurot

Toundra : Mojave (Vortex) Inside Out Music
World Service Project : Now This Means War (Serve) Rarenoise

Radio Moscow : Broke Down (Brain Cycles) Alive
Hashteroid : Green Caramel (Hashteroid) Cursed Tongue

Baptists : Capsule (Beacon of Faith) Southern Lord
Heron : Of Gods and Goats (A Low Winter’s Sun) Sludgelord

Fantasy : What’s Next (Fantasy) Liberty

Artwork: Dark Buddha Rising