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Jackie Zee, Episode 12

“Time for a look back at last month. Jackie Zee shares her February Finds on Bandcamp, and treats you to nine great tracks from mostly self-released debut albums!”

00:57 The Devil And The Almighty Blues (NO) – s/t – The Ghost of Charlie Barracuda
08:40 Svvamp (SE) – s/t – Time
13:10 Psychlona (UK) – Mojo Rising – Juju
17:36 SLoWBeef (BE) – aTaKaMa – aTaKaMa
25:02 Deep Down Bellow (SLO) – Everything Is Darker Than It Seems – Deep
31:40 Toner Low (NL) – III – Phase Six
41:33 Kanopi (US) – King V – King Vulture
47:51 Kurse (CA) – Tales Of The Wizard EP – Four Princes
55:06 The Devil And The Almighty Blues (NO) – s/t – Distance

Jackie Zee, Episode 11

“It’s fuzzy, it’s hard and it is rock n roll! On Jackie Zee’s 11th episode (with 11 songs!) the amazing Ohio band Valley Of The Sun takes home the whole hour! If you’re not already a grinning headbanging fan of theirs, prepare to be captivated!”
Monday at 7pm EST / 1am CET on TrendKillRadio.com

I Breathe The Earth (Volume Rock 2016)
Hearts Aflame (Sayings Of The Seers 2011)
Aquarius (Sayings Of The Seers 2011)
Riding The Dunes (Sayings Of The Seers 2011)
Worn Teeth (Electric Talons Of The Thunderhawk 2014)
As Earth And Moon (Electric Talons Of The Thunderhawk 2014)
Centaur Rodeo (Electric Talons Of The Thunderhawk 2014)
Eternal Forever (Volume Rock 2016)
Land Of Fools (Volume Rock 2016)
Solstice (Volume Rock 2016)
Empty Visions (Volume Rock 2016)

Jackie Zee, Episode 09

January came and went, but the music remains! Jackie Zee browses her Bandcamp account for the best and hottest finds during that cold, dark month, so tune in for seven killer tracks!

Track list
01:00 Goliathan – March Of The Mountains (US)
07:37 Virgins Of The Seven Seas – Mutter Doom (DE)
17:03 Domkraft – Concrete Waves (SE)
27:47 Mooch – Low (CA)
34:00 The Moth Gatherer – Attacus Atlas (SE)
43:08 Bleeding Mountains – Weightless (SE)
49:50 Sunnata – Long Gone (PL)

Jackie Zee, Episode 08

“Anticipation. Mm, what a lovely word, what a glorious feeling! While waiting on the new stuff, Jackie Zee will play fav-tracks from fav-albums by fav-bands that are releasing new albums this year!”

01:15 Black Rainbows – The Cosmic Picker
08:01 Lee Van Cleef – Mahãna
16:17 Orange Goblin – Solarisphere
23:48 Graveyard – The Suits, The Law & The Uniform
28:34 Sergeant Thunderhoof – When Time Stood Still
37:41 Yob – Nothing To Win
49:42 Boss Keloid – Axis Of Green

Jackie Zee, Episode 06

“All bands should have at least one song with the word “blues” in its title! At least according to Jackie Zee, who has dug up eleven awesome tracks who have exactly that in common. Join her for the fun and make it loud!”

00:00 Intro
00:40 Graveyard – Hisingen Blues
04:47 Clutch – Decapitation Blues
07:53 TarLung – Demon Sugar Blues
13:09 Black Rainbows – Cosmic Flower Blues
14:44 Elephant Tree – Aphotic Blues
20:39 Slabdragger – Mercenary Blues
32:14 AC/DC – Down Payment Blues
38:12 Orsak:Oslo – Brugata Blues
45:44 Dopethrone – Scum Fuck Blues
50:56 Orange Goblin – Demon Blues
55:35 Långfinger – Ceasar’s Blues

Jackie Zee, Episode 05

“Who loves covers? Jackie Zee does! Here’s a whole hour of them, and just to kill the trend there are NO swedish bands on this bill! Famous or not, good or better, let’s have fun!”

01:01 Joan Jett & The Blackhearts – I Love Rock N Roll 1981 (The Arrows 1975)
03:55 Clutch – Gravel Road 2005 (Mississippi Fred McDowell 1966)
09:44 Marilyn Manson – Tainted Love 2003 (Gloria Jones 1963)
12:59 The Beatles – Twist and Shout 1963 (The Isley Brothers 1962)
15:31 Lenny Kravitz – American Woman 1998 (The Guess Who 1970)
19:47 Orange Goblin – Freelance Fiend 2002 (Leaf Hound 1971)
23:20 The Shadows Of Knight – Gloria 1966 (Them 1964)
26:42 Metallica – Am I Evil 1984 (Diamond Head 1980)
34:30 Black Stone Cherry – Can’t You See 2011 (The Marshall Tucker Band 1973)
37:59 Oberon – Eye Of The Tiger 2017 (Survivor 1982)
43:45 White Stripes – Jolene 2001 (Dolly Parton 1973)
47:52 Zwan – Number Of The Beast 2003 (Iron Maiden 1982)
52:05 Nine Inch Nails – Dead Souls 1994 (Joy Division 1980)
56:51 Johnny Cash – Hurt 2002 (Nine Inch Nails 1995)

Jackie Zee, Episode 04

Holidays are over, but don’t let that drag you down. Follow Jackie Zee into the gold mine of swedish footstomping, hiprolling and legshaking rock n roll! Spanning three decades, here’s an hour of old hits and new favs!

00:00 Intro
00:31 The Hellacopters – Toys and Flavors
04:04 Sator – Pigvalley Beach
07:44 Badge – Break Down
11:14 The Creeps – Ooh, I Like It!
14:12 Free Fall – Meriola Blues
17:32 The Nomads – Bangkok
20:10 Graveyard – Ain’t Fit To Live Here
23:14 The Hives – Hate To Say I Told You So
26:34 Blues Pills – High Class Woman
31:01 Sahara Hotnights – Alright Alright
33:27 Truckfighters – Mind Control
37:20 Asteroid – Til’ Dawn
41:32 The Soundtrack Of Our Lives – Dow Jones Syndrome
46:13 The (International) Noise Conspiracy – Smash It Up
49:24 Långfinger – Silver Blaze
Total runtime only 53:29

Jackie Zee, Episode 03

“It’s a doomy gloomy new year in the cold dark winter up in Scandinavia. But Jackie Zee has the salvation! Some of Swedens best doom will lighten up Episode 3, so grab what’s left of your glögg (google it ffs) and put that grin back on your face!”
KTFT – Heavy Music For A Heavy World

Track List
00:26 Candlemass – Black Stone Wielder
08:23 Draconian – Stellar Tombs
14:20 Mammoth Storm – Fornjot
24:22 Firebreather – Fire Foretold
31:28 Heavydeath – Hunter
38:50 Monolord – Harbinger of Death
47:24 Monolord – Died A Million Times

Jackie Zee, Episode 02

“A blind monkey in Norway, tearing down a bridge!? I’m speechless! And so are tonight’s bands, when Jackie Zee (that blabbermouth with the bad swenglish) finds some of the most beloved instrumental music in the collection. They’re british, swiss, french and scandinavian, but they’re dark, heavy and beautiful. Tune in and zone out!”
KTFT – Heavy Musis For A Heavy World