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Jackie Zee, Episode 38

Jackie Zee is back with the 6th edition of the series Long Songs! This time it’s five heavy and fuzzy songs, and with only scandinavian bands! Tune in for Skraeckoedlan, Sabel, Bismarck, Monolord and The Moth Gatherer.

00:23 Skraeckoedlan (SE) -Elfenbenssalarna (Earth 2019)
10:28 Sabel (SE) – In The Walls Of Eryx (Re-Generation 2018)
22:11 Bismarck (NO) – Vril-ya (Urkraft 2018)
32:07 Monolord (SE) – At Niceae (Rust 2017)
48:05 The Moth Gatherer (SE) – Phosphorescent Blight (Esoteric Oppression 2019)

The Desert 37

Connexion – Un employé
Sex – Not yet
Morse Code – Qu’est-ce que tu as compris
Offenbach – Ayoye
Michel Pagliaro – J’ai marché pour une nation
Le Nombre – Soleil
Les Secrétaires Volantes – Thermoplastique
Les Psycho Riders – La grande noirceur
Mardi Noir – Enfants millionnaires
Les Guenilles – La scène locale
Prieur&Landry – Dark
Scarlet Beast – Scarlet Beast

The Desert 36

Sir Lord Baltimore – Kingdom come
Carmen Maki & The Blues Creation – Understand
Aguaturbia – Waterfall
Los Dug Dug’s – Smog
May Blitz – For mad men only
Keelhaul – Driver’s beard
Not Of – New Atlantis
Skulls & Flames – No mercy + Zum kotsen
Possuido Pelo Cao – Possessed to the circle pit
Nuclear Assault – New song
S.O.D. – Milk + Freddy Krueger
The Heads – Mao tinitus