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Into The Void, Episode 95

Episode 95 is here. Link in bio. This is a study in heaviness exploring riffs by @theheavydeath @domkraftdomkraft @craneiumband @metallica @pagandom_official @nightterrorsthlm The Dahmers @judaspriest Eyehategod and @citiesofmars Can you dig?


Sonic Temple, Episode 6

Episode 6.66 “Black Sunday” is now on air and online! Tonight’s episode includes “Track Talk” with Night Demon plus new music from Domkraft, Scorpion Child, Truckfighters, Tumbleweed Dealer, Witchden & more! Plus a face-melting live track by The Wolf Council!!! Don’t miss it!


Into The Void, Episode 92

It’s Saturday, which means that it’s again time to go Into The Void with Magnus! This show is brutal, just look at that track listing. Killer. This is a study in heavy including new an old tunes by Domkraft, Goya, Crippled Black Phoenix, Haddock, Khemmis, Candlemass, Sideburn, Olde and Testament.