Butcher Babies Interview & Show

Mark sits down with Carla and Heidi, the beautiful and wicked frontwomen for The Butcher Babies, and they share some amazing stories of how they met, how they write, where some of their songs were developed and way more, plus they spin three of their favorite songs with you.  This show is killer!

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Monuments in Ruin, Chapter 9

In this Chapter of Monuments in Ruin, Bobby features a bit of the music that lurks behind the artwork of Arik Moonhawk Roper.
Tune in and listen to the sounds within a few of those amazing album covers that Arik has created. His art is both beautiful and unique and trail blazes a solid path between psychedelic and heavy vibes.


Monuments in Ruin – 50 Year Chronology of Heavy – Part 2

This show is mind blowing, with Bobby’s 2nd part in his Chronology of Heavy Music.  This show highlights the years 1968-1972, and how jazz fusion leaked over to influence heavy pioneers like Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and Judas Priest.


Max Wax, Vol. 12

***Crobot Giveaway Show***  Get heavy and get real with another installment in Mack’s show highlighting music that’s loud and straight from his turntable.  Features Crobot, Earthless, Metallica, Morphine, Electric Wizard and the one and only Pantera.