Max Wax, Vol. 63

Feeling heavy? Same here… so it’s a solid hour of metal on a brand new Max Wax. Pallbearer, High On Fire, Hatebreed, Fit For A King, Deftones, Isis the band and way more. Take that load off… and crank it.

Into The Void, Episode 118 Slave To The Grind

We do a preview of the bands that tour Europe in April and May under the flag Campaign for musical destruction: Power Trip, Lock Up, Brujeria and Napalm Death. Only grindcore is real. Prepare for the madness.

Tracks played:
Napalm Death – Instinct of survival
Power Trip – Ruination/If not us then who
Lock Up – The plague that stalks the darkness/The decay within the abyss
Brujeria – No aceptan imitaciones/Viva presidente Trump
Napalm Death – Metaphorically screw you/Mass appeal madness/Suffer the children/The code is red long live the code/When all is said and done/Strong arm/I abstain/Siege of power

Max Wax, Vol. 62

On tonight’s Max Wax, we’re going from obscure Jazz/Funk/Fusion of the Beastie Boys to the Truckfighters to the Black Crowes, with many crazy stops along the way. Check out some old favorites, new vibes and a ton of solid vinyl from the Trendkill Studios, including some killer heaviness from our new friends, Cincinnati’s own Spring Grove!

Monuments in Ruin, Ch. 82

This week we step into the world of interviews. How does a smokey bar room, a kid in a van, linkin logs, college chorus and the ignorance of youth merge as one? Find out tonight! We captured a brief discussion with a man I am proud to call friend, Mr. Mack Malone, the owner and founder of Trendkill Radio. We talk about his early introduction into the world of music and then dive right into some of the newest releases on the market from some of the heaviest new albums released in the past month. All this takes place within Episode 82 of Monuments in Ruin!

play list
(03:28) Interview – Mack Malone of TrendKill Radio
(18:24) THOUGHTS OF IONESCO – culture of the eternal snake
(25:27) GOATWHORE – those who deny god’s will
(29:29) WITCH VOMIT – fevers of torment
(33:53) WEAPONIZER – temple of the iron skull
(39:55) DISCIPLINE – the body yearns
(51:46) CIRCLE – terminal