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Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 2018 Summer Special Pt.4

Wake Up summer special pt4 : recent releases

Black Elephant : Baby Eroina (Cosmic Blues) Small Stone
Saint Karloff : Ghost Smoker (All Heed the Black God) Twin Earth
Yawning Man : Violent Lights (The Revolt Against Tired Noises) Heavy Psych Sounds
Black Helium : Drowsy Shores (Primitive Fuck) Riot Season
Motorpsycho : Manmower (Roadwork Vol5) Stickman
The Mon : Her (The Mon)
Kingnomad : Cosmic Serpent (The Great Nothing) Ripple Music
Domadora : Lacuna Jam (Lacuna) self release

Artwork : Kingnomad

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 2018 Summer Special Pt.3

Wake Up summer special pt3 : Heavy Zorn

John Zorn : Evocation of the Triumphent Beast (Psychomagia)
John Zorn : The Book of Los (Ipissimus)
John Zorn : Dance of the Death (Inferno)
John Zorn : Scene 1 : At the Very Gates of Hell (49 Acts of Depravity in the Abominable Life and Times of Gilles de Rais)
John Zorn : Marmarath (Simulacrum)
John Zorn : Resurrection (The Last Judgement)
John Zorn : A Second Sanctuary (Templars : In Sacred Blood)
John Zorn : Mirror Image (The Garden of Earthly Delights)
John Zorn : Equinox (Moonchild)
John Zorn : 9×9 (The Crucible)
John Zorn : Snakeskin (Painted Bird)
John Zorn : Sorcerer (The True Discoveries of Witches and Demons)

Artwork : John Zorn (The Crucible)

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 2018 Summer Special Pt.2

WAKE UP Summer Special Part II (Live)

Pink Floyd : Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun (Live At Pompeii) Universal Home
Greenslade : Sundance (Live 73-75) Mystic Rec
Agitation Free : In the Silence of the Morning Sunrise (Live 74) Revisited Rec
Mahavishnu Orchestra : Trilogy Medley, The Sunlith Path (Between Nothingness and Eternity) Colombia
Jeff Beck Group : Ain’t No Sunshine (Final BBC On the Air) Scarecrow
Janis Joplin : Flower in the Sun (Essential) Sony Music
Mountain : Blood of the Sun (Twin Peaks) Sony Music
Grand Funk : Into the Sun (Live Album) Capitol Records
Thin Lizzy : The Sun Goes Down (Life-Live) Vertigo

artwork mahavishnu orchestra

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 2018 Summer Special Pt.1

Playlist Wake Up summer special pt1

Secret Chiefs 3 : The 4 Creat Ishraqi Sun (Book of Horizons) Web of Mimicry
Farflung : 27th Sun (5) Heavy Psych Sounds
Brant Bjork & The Bros : Sunshine of Your Love (Saved by Magic) Duna
Tweak Bird : A Sun / Ahh Ahh (Tweak Bird) Volcom
Rose Windows : Indian Summer (The Sun Dogs) Sub Pop
On Trial : Blinded by the Sun (Blinded by the Sun) Molten
Siena Root : Waiting for the Sun (Far from the Sun) Transubstans
Hypnos 69 : Islands on the Sun (The Intrigue of Perception) Elektrohasch
Anekdoten : The Sun Absolete (Waking the Dead, Live in Japan 2005)
Dead Sea Apes : Land of the Sun (Recondite) Cardinal Fuzz
Pharaoh Overlord : Demons of the Rising Sun (4) Ektro
Monkey3 : Suns (The 5th Sun) Napalm
Eye : Center of the Sun (Center of the Sun) Kemado

artwork farflung 5

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 2018-06-26

Playlist 26-06-2018

Yawning Man : Skyline Pressure (The Revolt against Tired Noises) Heavy Psych Sounds
Black Helium : Curtains at the Mausoleum (Primitive Fuck) Riot Season
Motorpsycho : Taifun (Roadwork Vol5 ) Stickman
The End : Vemod (Svärmod Och Vemod Är Värdesinnen) Rare Noise
Ola Kvernberg : Caterpillar (Steamdome) Grappa
Elephant9 : Dancing with Mr E (Greatest Show on Earth) Rune Grammofon
Groundhogs : Rich Man, Poor Man (Thank Christ for the Bomb) Akarma
Sunswitch : Another Avenue (Sunswitch) Riot Factory

artwork: black helium primitive fuck

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 2018-06-19

Playlist Wake Up 19/06/2018

Messa : She Knows / Tulsi (Feast For Water) Aural Music
Friendship : Truth In Your Lies (Ain’t No Shame) Kozmik Artifactz
Spaceslug : Obsolith (Eye the Tide) BSFD Records
High Priestess: Earth Dive (High Priestess) Ripple
Black Road : From Hell (Black Road) Blood Rock Records
Gnidrolog : I Could Never Be A Soldier (Lady Lake) RCA

Artwork : Friendship

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 2018-06-12

Playlist Wake Up 12-06-2018

The Howl Ensemble : The Hunt (Patina) Lighttown Fidelity
Wicked City : Cop Song (Bucket List) self release
Burning Saviours : Death (Death) Transubstans
Dopethrone : Miserabilist (feat. Julie) (Transcanadian Anger) Totem Cat
Ecstatic Vision : Born to Go (Under the Influence) Heavy Psych Sounds
Man : It Is as it Must Be (2 Ozs of Plastic with A Hole in the Middle) Repertoire
Sun Dial : Hangar 13 (Science Fiction, A Compendium of Space Soundtrax) Sulatron

Artwork Sundial

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 2018-05-29

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 2018-05-29
Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe brings us the goods with another amazing track list! Tuesday at 7pm Eastern / 1am CET
Featuring: Turtle Skull, Sun Voyager, Needlepoint; Saturnia, Thought Eater, Dylan Carlson, The Dark Red Seed, Arcadium and Graveyard

Playlist 29-05-2018

Turtle Skull : Eden (Turtle Skull) Art As Catharsis
Sun Voyager : Stellar Winds (Seismic Vibes) King Pizza
Needlepoint : On the Floor (The Diary of Robert Reverie) BJK Music
Saturnia : Infinite Chord (The Seance Tapes) Elektrohasch
Fire Down Below : Ascension (Hymn of the Cosmic Man) Ripple
Thought Eater : Speak Through Dreams (Bones in the Fire) Grimoire
Dylan Carlson : When the Horses Were Shorn of The (Conquistador) Sargent House
The Dark Red Seed : 2 Darker Days (Becomes Awake) Prophecy Productions
Arcadium : Walk on the Bad Side (Breathe Awhile) Repertoire
Graveyard : Low (I Wouldn’t Mind) (Peace) Nuclear Blast

Artwork: needlepoint the diary of robert reverie

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 2018-05-22

Playlist 22-05-2018

Comacozer : Binbeal (In Search of Highs Volume I) Riot Season
Huminoita : Pilgrim (All Is Two) Luova Records
Named by the Sun : Solar Gain (Deathcap) Superhot Records
Monster Magnet : Lord 13 (Tab) Glitterhouse Records
Morgen : Of Dreams (Morgen) Probe
Mother Engine : Weihe/Leerlauf (Hangar) Own Release

Artwork: Huminoita