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Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 2019-02-12

Playlist 12-02-2019

Motorpsycho : Psychotzar (The Crucible) Stickman
Seid : Satan I Blodet (Weltschmerz, Baby!) Sulatron
The Sonic Dawn : Islands in Time (Eclipse) Heavy Psych Sounds
Old Mexico : The Old Ones (Old Mexico) Cardinal Fuzz
John Zorn : Metapsychomagia (Psychomagia) Tzadik
Amgala Temple : The Eccentric (Invisible Airships) Pekula
El Tubo Elástico : La Avispoteca (Impala) self release
Emerson, Lake & Palmer : The Barbarian (Emerson, Lake & Palmer)
Automaton : Talos Awakens (Talos) Sound Effect

Artwork : Motorpsycho

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 2019-02-05

Wake Up 05-02-2019

Joss Jefferson : Schnee (Ylem) Own Release
John Garcia : Cheyletiella (John Garcia and the Band Of Gold) Napalm
Heavy Crown : Venus Gold (Reign On) Cursed Tongue
REZN : Mirrored Image (Calm Black Water) Off the Record
The Black Heart Death Club : Seven Gods (The Black Heart Death Club) Kozmik Artifacts
Blood Of the Sun : Air Rises As You Drown (Blood’s Thicker Than Love) Listenable
Iron Knowledge : Show Stopper (Brown Acid : The Second Trip) RidingEasy
Haikara : Yksi Maa – Yksi Kansa (Haikara) Universum

Artwork : REZN

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 2019-01-29

Playlist 29-01-2019:

Special edition of Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe curated by Ufomammut bassplayer Urlo.

This week another guest DJ on Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe, we have the honour to offer you a selection of tunes chosen by Urlo (Ufomammut, The Mon, Supernatural Cat).

Melanie De Biasio – Your Freedom Is The End Of Me
Pissed Jeans – Ignorecam
Ho99o9 – Face Tatt
Tricky – The Only Way
Nails – I Will Not Follow
Idles – Queens
All Pigs Must Die – A Caustic Vision
Mark Lanegan – My Shadow Life
Pontiak – Ghosts
The Bodies – To Carry the Seeds of Death Within
The Prodigy – Fight Fire With Fire
Public Memory – Heir
The Secret – Obscure Dogma
MMMD – Qoxra
Cypress Hill – Falling Down
Burning Flag – Still a Lie
Low – Death of a Salesman
Desire – Under Your Spell

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 2019-01-22

Playlist 22-01-2019

The Bevis Frond : And Relax (We’re Your Friends, Mann) Fire
Kungens Män : Öpen för Stängda Dörrar (Chef) Riot Season
Dorre : Force the Victims (Fall River) self release
Captain Caravan : Crown (Shun the Sun) Cursed Tongue
Lucy in Blue : Conflicting Sounds (Lucy in Blue) self release
Bloodrock : Castle of Thoughts (Bloodrock Live) Capitol
Taïfun : Whales (split w/Holden Goldmund) Honest House
Jakob Skøtt : Purple Visage (Instrumentality) El Paraiso
Yodok III : This Earth We Walk Upon (part) (This Earth We Walk Upon) Consouling Sounds

Artwork : Lucy in Blue

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 2019-01-15

Wake Up 15-01-2019

OnsŽgen Ensemble : Three Calls of the Emperor’s Teacher (Duel) Own Release
Love Machine : To the Universe (Times To Come) Own Release
Orb : Lucifers Lament (The Space Between) Flightless Records
Pale Divine : Shades of Blue (Pale Divine) Shadow Kingdom
Holy Grove : Blade Born (II) Ripple
Spidergawd : Do I Need A Doctor (V) Crispin Glover
High On Fire : Electric Messiah (Electric Messiah) eOne
Led Zeppelin : Achilles Last Stand (Presence) Swan Song Records

Artwork : Orb

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 2019-01-08

Wake Up Special : Into the Cold

Zappa : Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow
Kiss : Cold Gin
Thin Lizzy : Cold Sweat
Budgie : Melt the Ice Away
Pretty Things : Cold Stone
Jefferson Airplane :Ice Cream Phoenix
Grand Funk : Winter And My Soul
Blue Cheer : Fruit & Iceburgs
Caravan : Winter Wine
Atomic Rooster : Winter
Tonton Macoute : Flying South in Winter
Alice Cooper : Refrigerator Heaven
Raw Material : Ice Queen

Artwork : Hannibal

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 2019-01-01

Wake Up 01-01-2019 : Favorites of 2018 pt2

Black Helium : Curtains At The Mausoleum (Black Helium) Riot Season
Myrrors : The Blood that Runs the Border (Borderlands) Beyond Beyond Is Beyond
Atavismo : La Palmosa (Valdeinfierno) Adansonia Records
Seid : Coyote Man (Weltschmerz Baby) Sulatron
Superfjord : Rainha Florista (All Will Be Golden) Svart
Huminoita : Marsvolga (369) Luova
Ciolkowska : 108 (Avtomat Proshlogo) CC By
Sherpa : Abscentto the Mother Language (Tigris and Euphrates) Sulatron
Mt Mountain : Golden Rise (Golden Rise) Cardinal Fuzz
Estuary Blacks : Puris Prass (Estuary Blacks) Kozmik Artifactz

Artwork : Atavismo

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 2018-12-25

Playlist Wake Up 25-12-2018 (Favorites of 2018 pt1)

Elephant9 : Actionpack1 (Greatest Show on Earth) Rune Grammofon
Zion80 : Tahor (John Zorn, The Book Beriah : Hod) Tzadik
The Mon : Relics (Doppelleben) Supernatural Cat
The Final Age : There Will Be Waste (The Final Age) Cardinal Fuzz
Needlepoint : All Kinds of Clouds (The Diary of Robert Reverie) BJK Music
Møster! : Phantom Bandotron (States of Minds) Hubro
Amgala Temple : Avenue Amgala (Invisible Airships) Pekula
Yawning Man : Grant’s Heart (The Revolt Against Tired Noises) Heavy Psych Sounds
Sunwatchers : Nose Beers (II) Trouble in Mind
Abraxas : Betzaltzel (Kohn Zorn, The Book Beriah : Gevurah) Tzadik
WorldService Poject : Dai Jo Bo (Serve) Rare Noise
Motorpsycho : Ship of Fools (Roadwork Vol5) Stickman

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 2018-12-11

Playlist Wake Up 11-12-2018

Shooting Guns : Act III Death Ship (Nosferatu) Cardinal Fuzz
Earth : Tallahassee (Pentastar) Sub Pop
Anguish : Gut Feeling (Anguish) Rare noise
Klezmerson : Zivugim (John Zorn Book of Beriah : Tiferet) Tzadik
Huminoita : Ringfinger (369) Luova
Guapo : Tremors From the Future (History of the Visitation) Cuneiform
Wolf People : Night Witch (Ruins) Jagjaguwar
King Buffalo : Cosmonaut (Longing To Be the Mountains) Stickman
Funkadelic : Mommy, What’s A Funkadelic? (Funkadelic) Westbound`

Artwork : Huminoita

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 2018-12-04

Wake Up 04-12-2018

The Re-Stoned : Fractal Panorama (Stories of the Astral Lizard) Oak Island Records
Crayon Sun : A Sea Called Seia (Crayon Sun) Waste My Records
Zeal And Ardor : Ship On Fire (Stranger Fruit) MVKA
Superfjord : Master Architect (All Will Be Golden) Svart
Cave : Beaux (Allways) Drag City
Gnome : Earthen Dweller (Father of Time) Own Release
ODA : Cheated (ODA) Void
Stone Oak Cosmonaut : The Song of the Star Aldebaran (The Last Machine) Own Release

Artwork : Zeal and Ardor