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The Schizophonic, Session 84

Tune in for the return of the Schizophonic, after a weather related week off.
No theme tonight, just a bunch of killer songs and a good time
Every Tuesday at 9pm EST
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Heavy Music for a Heavy World

The Schizophonic, Session 83

“Who says Women cant rock? Certainly not The Schizophonic! Join us for the first of a four part series entitled “Women Of Rock”. We explore the New Breed of Heavy Female rockers.”

The Schizophonic, Session 82

Tune in for a special session of The Schizophonic. Catch the Debut of “Decades”, a year by year look back at Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. Each session focuses on one year between 1980 and 1990. The first to air will be 1984. So shut down your Macintosh, turn off Family Ties, put away the Trivial Pursuit, and crank up the Soundesign all in one stereo

*CORRECTION: TNT are from Norway, not Sweden as originally announced*

The Schizophonic, Session 80

Tune in for The Schizophonic to celebrate the 2 year anniversary of Chuck joining Trendkill Radio. As usual we are all over the musical landscape bringing you the variety you have come to expect.
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The Schizophonic, Session 77

Get ready for a trip back in time to when the music world was ruled by big hair, airbrushed guitars, chorus pedals, and fun. Tune in for some old favorites and a few under the radar songs.
Originally aired on Tuesday 1/9 at 9pm EST and again at Wednesday 1/10 at 5pm EST on
Heavy Music for a Heavy World