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The Schizophonic, Session 8

Tune in to The Schizophonic and take a trip back to the 80’s and 90’s East Coast music scene. Relieve the glory of clubs like The Empire Rock Room, Bonnies Roxx and the Galaxy. Let Chuck show you what it was like to be a Hard Rock fan in Philadelphia and New Jersey.
We promise not to throw any batteries or snowballs.


The Schizophonic, Session 7

Tune in for another hour of classic metal and hard rock, with The Schizophonic running between killer tracks from Queensryche, Mother Love Bone, Sabbath and a whole lot more.  Turn it up to 11!


The Schizophonic, Session 6

Tune in  as Chuck takes you on a schizophrenic trip back to the 80s, when Glam, Sleaze and Hair Metal ruled the airwaves. You can almost smell the AquaNet and taste the Jack Daniels.  And in true 80s fashion, pass this one around to your friends!


The Schizophonic, Session 5

Tune in and Rock Out!!!
Where else but on The Schizophonic can you hear Megadeth and Ted Nugent in the same show?  Plus all of this beautiful vinyl in the picture.  Not responsible for busted speakers.


The Schizophonic, Session 4

Lose your mind for an hour with Session 4 of The Schizophonic, where  he takes you on a journey of classic tracks by some of your favorite old… and new rockers.  The Crüe, Cinderella, Extreme (No, not the slow song), Skid Row, Breaking Benjamen… and a whole lot more will have you booking for your fifth session.


The Schizophonic, Session 3

Feeling a little off kilter?  We know how you feel, so it would probably do you good to sit down with The Scizophonic for an hour, as he spins a mix of hard rock and metal that will go right along with your mood.  The playlist is in the picture, so click on it if you want to see it larger.  See you on the other side…


The Schizophonic, Session 1

Join Chuck on his Schizophrenic Journey through all types of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, in his first show!  The first of many hours full of his schizophrenic attitude surrounded with old school metal.  Getloud with Badlands, Priest, Sabbath, TNT, Saigon Kick, Guns N Roses and more…