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Jimbo digs deep into his vinyl collection weekly and brings his unique sense of heaviness to the masses every Friday.

Sessions With Jimbo, Pt. 14

Tonight only in this the 14th episode of Sessions With Jimbo! I bring you the ultimate in 80’s nostalgia!! It is the 80’s Hairband Jam Fest! Packed full of spandex and Auqua Net. Where the men look fancy but rock your fucking brains out!! So sit back or jam out! Break out the air guitars and prepare to rock!! Only on TRENDKILLRADIO!!

Sessions With Jimbo, Pt. 13

With tonight’s show. I bring you one the bands that laid down the gravel to the great Seattle ” grunge ” movement.. MUDHONEY! Overshadowed by Nirvana, Pearl Jam and all the others. This is one of the greatest bands to come out of the North West! So tune in and check out the podcast! You might learn something..

Sessions With Jimbo, Pt. 12

The prodigal son has returned with another badass show. On tonight’s show we step into the funk. Soo. Get your groove on and move your ass. It’s the FUNKY SOUL BROTHER SHOW. I know you’re gonna dig this!

Sessions With Jimbo, Pt. 11

Be sure to tune in tonight. I’m bringing some kick ass jammy ear food for you all! One of the best shows I’ve put together…

Sessions With Jimbo, Pt. 10

Tune in tonight for another great show. Tonight’s show will be dedicated to my brother, my friend Hager. Tonight I try to send him off with some great jams that will help him on his journey to the other side. It is also filled with some Motorhead classics as we remember Lemmy who passed away on December 28th of last year. A show you don’t want to miss…

Sessions With Jimbo, Pt. 9

Hey all! Here I go again with another show for tonight! Tonight’s show will feature Jimi Hendrix.. I took some of my favorites from my collection. Alot of good jams from his early years before England and more…

Sessions With Jimbo, Pt. 8

Tune in tonight for another Sessions With Jimbo.. Tonight we dive into a Journey to the Center of the Mind!! I have thrown together a session from my collection that brings you early stuff through today that takes you deep into your own psyche!

Sessions With Jimbo, Pt. 7 (2 of 2)

On This Sessions With Jimbo.. We have Part 2 of.. Voices Lyrics and the Musical Madness. I put together some of the best lyricists and voices in the business.. I even added a little madness to the mix.


Sessions With Jimbo, Part 7 (1 of 2)

I know you’ve heard my shows over in Fan Friday.. But now that I have been put into the spotlight for a Full Time Friday Night Gig… It is time to cut loose!
Tonight on Sessions With Jimbo! I have put together a 2 part masterpiece! VOICES , LYRICS AND MUSICAL MADNESS! Tonight’s show promises the best!


Sessions With Jimbo, Part 6

The sixth installment inside the vinyl collection of Jimbo… and his take on heavy is different, unique and killer. You don’t want to miss any of his series.