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Jimbo digs deep into his vinyl collection weekly and brings his unique sense of heaviness to the masses every Friday.

Sessions with Jimbo, Pt. 111

Tonight on Sessions.. We’ll call it the Dirty Butter Episode 1.. I bring you a grab bag full of goodies with music from the following:
#yawningman #neptunepowerfederation #crypttip #demonhead #skraeckoedlan #theinfinitetrip #spaceslug #crippledblackphoenix #buriedfeather #dopesmoker #mothertrudy
So join me for night of solid tunes as we finish the first week of the new year. Only here on Sessions with Jimbo and only on

Sessions with Jimbo, Pt. 110

So it’s the last show of 2018! I could bore you with the same ol’ same ol’ but instead… I’m bringing you a down and dirty epic punk show!! From Bad Brains to a Band Called Death and everything in between. So join me at 9PM Eastern on Sessions with Jimbo on here at

Sessions with Jimbo, Pt. 107

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Tonight on Sessions with Jimbo I bring you a mix of Mowtown and Northern Soul hits. This particular session means alot to me. So join me tonight at 9PM as I take you down memory lane only on

Sessions with Jimbo, Pt. 104

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Tonight on Sessions I bring you part 1 of the line up for MDDOOMFEST 2019. In no particular order the following bands will bring you the ear food candy..
Pentagram, Freedomhawk, Conan, Earthride, Mothership, Beelzefuzz, Wasted Theory, Atala, Backwoods Payback, Forming the Void and Pale Grey Lore. I also bring you an ending that tops all endings.. Hint ….? Redux…
So join me at 9PM Eastern only on

Sessions with Jimbo, Pt. 103

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So tonight on Sessions with Jimbo. I discuss the issue of the band Greta Van Fleet and all the drama that surrounds this band. My own version of course. So join me for a night of classic Zeppelin some Whitesnake, a little of the Black Crowes. A couple of old blues jams and a couple of Greta Van Fleet jams. Only here on tonight at 9PM EASTERN.

Sessions with Jimbo, Pt. 102

Tonight I bring old school metal brutality.. I’m talking heavy ass loud jams. Music from the likes of …. Judas Priest, W.A.S.P., Manowar, Saxon, IRON MAIDEN, Savatage, Grim Reaper, Diamond Head, Megadeth, Metal Church and Tokyo Blade! So join me here on Sessions with Jimbo for a solid hour of metal mayhem.. Only on