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Bobby’s weekly series of mind-blowing and heavy vinyl tracks that you probably won’t have either heard before… or heard as Bobby spins it. Be ready to get underground and heavy, with insight that will make you feel heavier.

Monuments in Ruin, Chapter 22

Check out another amazing hour, as Bobby introduces the first edition of alphabet themed shows. We start at the beginning with the letter A, introduce hip hop into the rotation, maintain brutality, offer introductory metal ideas for new ears, get psychedelic and share some favorite “A List” artists.


Monuments in Ruin, Chapter 21

Get loud as we connect the dots, explore a few new areas of musical excitement and add additional dynamics to our playlist. All happening on this loud episode of Monuments in Ruin.


Monuments in Ruin, Chapter 20

Tune in with Bobby as he revisits some of the deepest grooves and heaviest vibes released between 1971-76 with the third installment of Monuments in Ruin’s Chronology Series! Check out the speed talking embrace of prog, funk, jazz, fusion, heavy metal and hard rock pioneers, as well as, kraut and southern rock!


Monuments in Ruin, Chapter 19

Hang out with Bobby as he showcases a rare brand of heaviness, briefly connects the dots, explores the excitement of collaborations and consistently pronounces band names incorrectly.

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Monuments in Ruin, Chapter 18

This is an unbelievably heavy Chapter of MIR, so join us as we wander through the unique valleys of prog, ambient, eastern, doom, tech and face some of the music world’s sonic giants on tonight’s episode of Monuments in Ruin.  No, your speakers haven’t blown.


Monuments in Ruin, Chapter 16

Tune in to Monuments in Ruin as Bobby utilizes a few new vinyl releases and a couple of possibly unknown albums to take us through the depths of heavy fuzz, psychedelic, Sabbath worship, experimental and progressive rock. DON’T BE AFRAID.  SHARE THIS PODCAST WITH YOUR FRIENDS!


Monuments in Ruin, Chapter 15

Tune in to Monuments in Ruin while we walk through Argentinian psychedelic rock, English stoner rock and German progressive rock. We will also in dabble in Swedish blues rock, West Coast desert rock and even get into some thematic American horn rock!  Fasten your seat belt for this one.


Monuments in Ruin, Chapter 14

Tune into Monuments in Ruin while we discuss travel topics, coffee mixture, grape drink, brand names, three pack specials and discount codes.   Oh yeah, there’s Black Sabbath, Janes Addiction, The Melvins and Rosetta in the mix, too!  Let us know what you think of the new “On The Road”  format, Trendkillers.