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Mack takes you through his extensive vinyl collection of the heaviest, one loud hour at a time. Deep, moving and heavy music of all genres, but we’re not going to lie. It’s mostly metal… and all over the map. Mack will tell you why and it will make sense, because you’ll be moving.

Max Wax, Volume 18

Mack’s got a brand new show for you to party with after the Super Bowl, so get your drink and eats on, win some cash, hopefully watch your team win and then get loud w/ a heavy and ambient show perfect for a post-game buzz. Featuring Neurosis, Witch, ISIS and Tool… at high levels off the turntable. Go team.


Max Wax, Volume 15

Mack gives you another hour of vinyl you need to hear, but might not have in your collection.  The 45 from the new Pantera Box Set is covered (both sides), as is Fear Factory, Nine Inch Nails, Zombi, All Them Witches and System of a Down.  This one’s a little deeper.


Max Wax, Volume 14

Mack pays respects and thoughts to Lemmy, then throws out a few of his most necessary Motorhead tracks, along w/ his favorite vinyl additions from 2015.  This one is heavy, loud and well worth the spin.  All Vinyl… All the Time.  That’s where we’re headed.


Max Wax, Vol. 12

***Crobot Giveaway Show***  Get heavy and get real with another installment in Mack’s show highlighting music that’s loud and straight from his turntable.  Features Crobot, Earthless, Metallica, Morphine, Electric Wizard and the one and only Pantera.