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Mark, our metal guru, guides you through some of the most influential artists, bands, careers and time-spans in his weekly update on what is, and has always been relevant… true metal.

Mark’s Madhouse, Ep. 32 – Rush

Now available in Mark’s Madhouse, we celebrate the over 40 year career of Rush with all live tracks, so sit back, grab cold one and enter the Temple of Syrinx…


Mark’s Madhouse, Ep. 27- Black Sabbath

In honor of the legends Black Sabbath and their final tour, The End, Mark lays out an amazing hour of Sabbath. From tracks you’ll recognize immediately to ones that you likely haven’t heard in years (or at all), this show is an amazing tribute to the founders of so much music that we love. Stick around to the end for a track that was only released as a single on this tour, appropriately called “The End”. You don’t want to miss this one!


Mark’s Madhouse, Ep. 24 – Exmortus

Quite possibly, the coolest graphic yet done for a show.  If you dig shredding on old school power metal, you have to check out this show.  Mark introduces you to S. California’s own Exmortus.  Brutality commences.


Mark’s Madhouse – Episode 21

Mark features Bay Area band, Mudface.  Get in the pit while he brings you highlights from their new release.


Mark’s Madhouse, Episode 20

On this episode of Mark’s Madhouse, he features 3 bands from this years Decibel Tour… Abbath, High On Fire and Skeletonwitch, so grab a cold one and raise the horns high!


Mark’s Madhouse, Episode 19

Catch a new Mark’s Madhouse right here, where Mark dives into Part 2 of a special Opeth edition. He will take you on a journey of their over 25 year career. So crack open a cold one and buckle up for a Metal ride in Mark’s Madhouse.!  \m/


Mark’s Madhouse, Episode 18

It’s a brand new, dark and heavy Mark’s Madhouse, where our metal guru dives into Part 1 of 2 hours of Opeth.  He takes you on a journey of their over 25 year career. So crack open a cold one and buckle up for a Metal ride in Mark’s Madhouse. \m/

Part 2 will be waiting for you next week!