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Do you like heavy?

Into The Void will be your guide into the vast galaxy of rock. It’s a sonic fanzine where we play all kinds of rock music from the classics in the late 60s and 70s that laid the foundation of heavy rock music. As long as it has that vibe and perfect riff, we will play it. We explore the connections between different kinds of rock, known and unknown, and mix it all up into what we call Into The Void.

Into The Void, Episode 124 Vokonis

In the two hour season finale we dedicate the first part to new music from the heavy underground with new track from among others Destroyer Of light, Elder, Humulus, Misery Loves Co, Norska, Vallenfyre and more. In the second half we dive into the new album The Sunken Djinn released by the mighty Vokonis and have an extensive talk with guitarist and vocalist Simon about the year that has passed since we last spoke to him. Episode 124 is is nothing less than epic. Brace yourself.