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It’s fairly often that one of our friends mentions that they’d love to do a show, or that they used to DJ or podcast and miss it… so we decided to give everyone a platform to host their own show.

FAN FRIDAYS is now a place where we will play any show that you guys want to submit, as long as it is a serious attempt to share your vinyl with the world! Here are the details… must run 45 minutes to 1 hour in length (no over or under), must be ALL from vinyl (music only… spots and other clips are allowed) and must be in mp3 format, saved at a 192kHz. Also… no promotion of business is allowed in the show. This is not a promotional vehicle… just a fun one! KTFT retains to right to not air any show, so please be smart about it.

HOW DO YOU PRODUCE A SHOW??? We’d love to walk everyone through this, but also feel like you should want to do this bad enough to spend some time figuring it out… that’s what we did. Here’s some helpful links to get you started, though! HOW TO TRANSFER VINYL TO MP3……/digitizing-your-record-coll…/ HOW TO PRODUCE THE SHOW… there are several good and free software programs out there that you can use to produce your show, the same as you would produce a multi-track song. This article explains doing this in Audacity, meaning you can do everything with one piece of software……

HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR SHOW… Once you’re done, Message us through this page and we will reply back to get you an invite to our Dropbox folder where you can upload it. We can’t wait to hear what you’ve got! Do one show… do shows weekly… whatever! Let’s have some fun and get some tunes spinning! Hell Yeah!

Please share with anyone that you think might dig this opportunity!