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Sessions With Jimbo, Part 3

The third installment inside the vinyl collection of Jimbo… and his take on heavy is different, unique and killer. You don’t want to miss any of his series.


Cheryl’s Mixes, Part 3

Cheryl knocks out another killer hour of vinyl… all straight from her collection and into your speakers. A totally unique mix that you need to check out!


The Schizophonic, Session 36

Tonight on the Schizophonic, beside playing of all this kickass music for you, we talk about the “Godmother” of metal, guitar tones, and the roots of metal.


Monuments in Ruin, Ch. 55

Are you ready to tune in for another batch of across the board jams!?!? In four sets we plan to kick things off with some genre benders, settle in for heaviness in round two, let the infectious and flavorful funk consume the grooves for the third set and close it out with both classic and modern psychedelic vibes!


Sonic Temple, Episode 5

The Temple is rocking hard this week, featuring live CONAN, new music from Tombstones, Sahg, ROAST and much more – plus a killer track talk interview with Kent & Michael of Wo Fat !!! Only on TRENDKILLRADIO.COM!!!! Spend an hour with me as I rack em up and knock em down!!! Episode 5, “11th Hour of Humanity” is now alive!


Monuments in Ruin, Ch. 54

With the recent loss of two more musical icons over the weekend, a highly charged political environment at hand, uncontrolled wildfires all around the southeastern US and close friends facing internal turmoil as the seasons submit to the oncoming cold, it seems as though the colorful aspects of our world are slowly turning to grey. Although there is a certain element of sadness to it all, in the darkest of times hope, strength and love consistently bring us back together with sharper focus. A world without Leonard Cohen certainly feels like a world without color. In tribute, this week’s episode of Monuments in Ruin honors one of the great storytellers of our time by featuring all black and white album covers and doubles up with a few musical themes to match the current climates. Heaviness is an emotion and we will carry it together.


Into The Void, Episode 93

Episode 93 is in the dark cloud. Some poetry. Some swedish punk. Some death metal. Some doom.


Sonic Temple, Episode 4

Episode 4 of Sonic Temple is an epic show you can’t tune out. In the temple this week is music & chat with the legendary Cirith Ungol plus awesome studio & live tunes by Vokonis, Clouds Taste Satanic, Goblet, Savage Master Black Tomb and MUCH MUCH MORE!!!!


The Committee, Meeting 3

On this episode of The Committee, we are discussing our favorite guitarists, in depth. Thanks to the topic being so rich, we consider this episode “Guitar Gods, Pt. 1”. There will be others on our favorite shredders. We have a special guest on this show, Mr. Steve Colca, shredder of the killer band Destroyer of Light. Talk radio about METAL? Yeah, we’ve got it.


Max Wax, Vol. 55

It’s been a long day and I’m really ready to sit down and spin some choice cuts off of each of these albums for you. Look deep enough into what I’m playing and you’ll see that each of these tracks deals with what, I would say, most of us Americans have been witnessing, reading, feeling and dealing with for a while now. Today, things change… for good or for bad, but things change. F’n cheers to that!