Sessions with Jimbo, Pt. 116

Tonight on Sessions. I bring the jams that filled my ear holes from the MD DOOM SCENE!!
This is a salute to the bands and personnel involved in making this a great thing. From behind the scenes to the musicians who play. Tonight you will here jams from the following bands:
#screamingmaddeecalhoun #thunderchief #faithinjane #shadowwitch #freedomhawk #kingsnake #paledevine #theageoftruth #horehound #stonedustriders #seasickgladiator
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Sonic Collective, Ep. 52

Megadeth-Poison Was The Cure
Riot-Fire Down Under
Motley Crue-Live Wire
Suicidal Tendencies-Clap Like Ozzy
GZR-Séance Fiction
Black Sabbath-TV Crimes
Life Of Agony-This Time
Corrosion Of Conformity-Tarquinius Superbus
Testament-Do Or Die
Metallica-Trapped Under Ice
Pantera-Mouth For War