Dollar Country 68

Coal Mining, Cotton Gins, and Drinkin’ In Texas, there’s plenty more than that on this week’s episode of Dollar Country, tune in.

Doug Poindexter & The Starlite Wranglers – My Kind Of Carrying On
Ray Phillips – Twenty Cigarettes
Jim Mundy – I Robbed My Uncle Blind
Mickey Barnett – Keep Your Cotton Pickin Hands Off My Gin
George Steele – Hastings River Bridge
Jimmy Martin – Widow Maker
Johnny Tyler – Coal Miner
Old KY. Ike – Hyden Coal Mine Accident
Bill Coats – How Lonesome, Lonesome Can Be
Ernest Tubb – I Never Could Say No
Jimmie Driftwood – The Marshal Of Silver City
Charlie Gore – Sin City
Curley Money – Since My Baby’s Been Gone
Dong King – Drinkin’ In Texas
Jack Stillwell – Joe
Chet Johnson – No Freeway To Heaven
Carol Huff – When You Drink Don’t Drive