Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 2018-10-23

Playlist Wake Up 23/10/2018 : Small Stone records special

Los Natas : Planeta Solitario (Corsario Negro)
Novadriver : Void (Void)
Dozer : Big Sky Theory (Through the Eyes of Heathens)
Solace : The Immortal, The Dead and The Nothing (A.D.)
Five Horse Johnson : Soul Digger (The Last Men on Earth)
Greenleaf : Alishan Mountain (Agents of Ahriman)
Skanska Mord : Lord of Space and Time (Paths to Charon)
It’s Not Night: It’s Space : Across the Luster of the Desert into the Polychrome Hills (Our Birth Is but A Sleep and A Forgetting)
Black Elephant : Cosmic Soul (Cosmic Soul)
Puny Human : Crazy Horses (v/a Sucking the 70s)
The Glasspack : Mrs Satan (Powderkeg)
Snail : Psilocybe (Feral)
Acid King : 2 Wheel Nation (III)
Ten East : Tangled Forest (Skyline Pressure)
Dwellers : Return To the Sky (Pagan Fruit)
Jeremy Irons & The Ratgang Malibus : Point Growth (Spirit Knife)
Halfway to Gone : Stingin’ (High Five)
Wo Fat : Beggar’s Bargain (The Conjuring)