Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 2018 Summer Special Pt.10

Playlist Wake Up 11-09-2018

Brant Bjork : Swagger & Sway (Mankind Woman) Heavy Psych Sounds
Emma Ruth Rundle : Fever Dreams (On Dark Horses) Sargent House
Møster! : Unhorsed by Chivalry (States of Mind) Hubro
Secret Chiefs 3 : Atzmut (John Zorn, The Book Beriah : Malkhut) Tzadik
Zion80 : Tahor (John Zorn, The Book Beriah : Hod) Tzadik
Dead Otter : Eye Elevator (Bridge of Weird) Riot Season
The Heads : Spliff Riff (Conga’d Out) (Rkt!) Rooster Rock
A Storm of Light : Short Term Feedback (Anthroscene) Consouling Sounds
Amon Düül II : Sleepwalker’s Timeless Bridge (Wolf City) Repertoire

Artwork : John Zorn/Chippy Design (Book of Beriah)