Max Wax LIVE!, Vol. 78

1.5 years after moving 1300 miles and totally reconfiguring the studio, it’s time to get back to running Max Wax LIVE!!! Tonight features Graveyard, A Perfect Circle, Funkadelic and way, way more… plus a special guest will be joining via the telephone, so don’t miss it! Oh yeah… this is a “first” live show in a long time and the mic is hot. We’ve already figured out the fix and it will be right next week!

The Desert 04

The Desert Episode 4 hits you high and low with another batch of dense jams that is certain to make your brain melt out of your ears!
New episode at 7pm Eastern every Thursday at

Pugh’s Place – Drive my car
Mason – Travelin’
Grand Funk Railroad – Into the sun
Pink Floyd – The Nile song
The Groundhogs – Cherry red
Beehoover – My artillery
Lo-Pan – Long live the king
Wo Fat – Le dilemme de detenu
Telekinetic Yeti – Abominable

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 2018-05-29

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 2018-05-29
Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe brings us the goods with another amazing track list! Tuesday at 7pm Eastern / 1am CET
Featuring: Turtle Skull, Sun Voyager, Needlepoint; Saturnia, Thought Eater, Dylan Carlson, The Dark Red Seed, Arcadium and Graveyard

Playlist 29-05-2018

Turtle Skull : Eden (Turtle Skull) Art As Catharsis
Sun Voyager : Stellar Winds (Seismic Vibes) King Pizza
Needlepoint : On the Floor (The Diary of Robert Reverie) BJK Music
Saturnia : Infinite Chord (The Seance Tapes) Elektrohasch
Fire Down Below : Ascension (Hymn of the Cosmic Man) Ripple
Thought Eater : Speak Through Dreams (Bones in the Fire) Grimoire
Dylan Carlson : When the Horses Were Shorn of The (Conquistador) Sargent House
The Dark Red Seed : 2 Darker Days (Becomes Awake) Prophecy Productions
Arcadium : Walk on the Bad Side (Breathe Awhile) Repertoire
Graveyard : Low (I Wouldn’t Mind) (Peace) Nuclear Blast

Artwork: needlepoint the diary of robert reverie

Monuments in Ruin, Ch. 114

Lots of great jams packed into this episode! Let’s talk about EP’s vs LP’s, great artwork, power trios, email lists, new hosts and a few cover songs to top it all off.
New shows every Monday at at 9pm Eastern.

(00:00) Rad/Monuments in Ruin – Episode 114 Intro
(01:36) Metallica – Helpless
(07:42) Kiss – Watchin’ You
(13:52) ZZ Top – Asleep in the Desert
(17:13) Spooky Tooth – Tobacco Road
(22:28) Far – Monkey Gone To Heaven
(27:18) David Gilmour – There’s No Way Out Of Here
(38:00) Ancestors – Epilogue
(49:47) Kayo Dot – Marathon

Jackie Zee, Episode 21

Do colors have their own sound? What does black sound like? And how many band names that start with Black can you name? Join Jackie Zee on a mission to capture that special black sound! With Black Wizard, The Black Wizards, Black Elephant, Blackwater Holylight, The Black Angels, Black Mountain, Blacklight Barbarian, Blackoutt and Black Moth.

01:30 Black Wizard (CA) – Spacer (Young Wisdom 2013)
07:59 The Black Wizards (PO) – Blindfold (Lake Of Fire 2015)
15:37 Black Elephant (IT) – Cosmic Soul (Cosmic Blues, coming july 2018)
20:46 Blackwater Holylight (US) – Sunrise (Blackwater Holylight 2018)
25:29 The Black Angels (US) – Young Men Dead (Passover 2015)
30:53 Black Mountain (CA) – Mothers Of The Sun (IV 2016)
40:30 Blacklight Barbarian (US) – Tenth Dimension (Blacklight Barbarian 2006)
45:34 Blackoutt (SLO) – Rassham (The Culture Of 2018)
54:05 Black Moth (UK) – Severed Grace (Anatomical Venus 2018)

Sonic Collective, Ep. 14

Start your memorial day weekend off with some killer music from Black Label Society, Alice in Chains, and Testament just to get you warmed up. So check out the Sonic Collective tonight at 7pm EST only on Trendkill Radio.

Black Sabbath-Wicked World
Alice In Chains-Stone
Black Label Society-Peddlers Of Death
Danzig-Do You Wear The Mark
Burn The Priest-Inherit The Earth
Testament-Sails Of Charon
Death Angel-I Chose the Sky
Superjoint Ritual-It Takes No Guts
Alice Cooper-Schools Out

The Desert 03

Get scorched by The Desert audio as we step back into the sand and sun with Episode 3. Expect to cross Scorpions, Lucifer’s Friend, Leafhound, Bison BC and a few other creatures of the night. Added space out with Captain Beyond and Asteroid.
Thursday on 7pm (eastern time)

Scorpions – It all depends
Lucifer’s Friend – Ride the sky
Flied Egg – Rollin’ down the broadway
Marmalade – Bad weather
Dust – Suicide
Leafhound – Stagnant pool
Captain Beyond – Mesmerization eclipse
Borracho – Superego
Bison BC – Until the earth is empty
Russian Circles – Vorel
Asteroid – Wolf & snake
The Melvins – Shaving cream

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 2018-05-22

Playlist 22-05-2018

Comacozer : Binbeal (In Search of Highs Volume I) Riot Season
Huminoita : Pilgrim (All Is Two) Luova Records
Named by the Sun : Solar Gain (Deathcap) Superhot Records
Monster Magnet : Lord 13 (Tab) Glitterhouse Records
Morgen : Of Dreams (Morgen) Probe
Mother Engine : Weihe/Leerlauf (Hangar) Own Release

Artwork: Huminoita