Jackie Zee, Episode 15

April has just begun, so tune in for Jackie Zee’s monthly look back! This time she shares her March Finds on Bandcamp, with some very new and some not so new tracks!
Every Monday at 7pm Eastern / 1am CET

00:56 Earthless (US) – Acid Crusher (split w/ Harsh Toke 2016)
15:44 King Buffalo (US) – Centurion (Repeater EP 2018)
21:45 Boss Keloid (UK) – Chronosiam (Melted On The Inch 2018)
28:53 Earth Messiah (SE) – Always Remember (Nocturnal Thoughtgrinder 2018)
32:03 The Devil And The Almighty Blues (NO) – When The Light Dies (II 2017)
38:44 Vestjysk Ørken (DK) – Dune (Cosmic Desert Fuzz 2018)
50:24 Sunnata (PL) – Lucid Dreams (Outlands 2018)