Monuments in Ruin, Ch. 112

Big opinions, Modern Music, Creepy Reflection, Lost Records and Rolling Numbers are a few of the topics we hit on this week. Mostly, we discuss a topic that can find a place in all of our hearts. Weather you have a fond fascination with vinyl LPs or have moved on to other formats, records are a huge part of music culture and they are referenced in songs from every genre. Hang out as we listen to a few artists that have written the format directly into their lyrics.
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*Note/Correction: Stop Making Sense is a live video from the “Speaking in Tongues“ tour.

(00:00) Monuments in Ruin Episode 112 Track List
(00:11) Todd Snider – Vinyl Records
(03:41) Bob Seger – Old Time Rock n Roll
(06:47) Jethro Tull – Something’s On The Move
(13:25) Glenn Miller and His Orchestra – Juke Box Saturday Night
(16:33) Chuck Berry – Little Queenie
(21:11) Jeannie C. Riley – Return To Harper Valley
(25:38) Dire Straits – One World
(29:08) Talking Heads – Life During Wartime
(36:35) Tom Tall and the Tom-Kats – Stack-A-Records
(38:54) Deep Purple – You Can’t Do It Right (With the One You Love)
(42:16) Steely Dan – Pretzel Logic
(50:26) Pearl Jam – Spin the Black Circle
(53:10) Cheap Trick – Surrender
(59:21) Robert Johnson – Phonograph Blues

Jackie Zee, Episode 19

“It is high time for Jackie Zee to do an all-Swedish show again! This time with the six bands that was most played out of all swedish bands this winter on Jackie’s phone. Join in and crank it up! With Domkraft, Bleeding Mountains, Ordos, Kvalm, Gloson and The Moth Gatherer.”
New episode every Monday at 7pm Eastern

00.31 Domkraft (SE) – Invaders (Domkraft 2015)
09.51 Bleeding Mountains (SE) – Temples (Treeline 2017)
18.13 Ordos (SE) – The Witch (House Of The Dead 2017)
27.27 Kvalm (SE) – Vigil (The Greatest Story Ever Told 2017)
38.16 Gloson (SE) – Prowler (Grimen 2017)
47.13 The Moth Gatherer (SE) – In Awe Before The Rapture (The Earth Is The Sky 2015)

Sonic Collective, Ep. 10

Sonic Collective, Ep. 10
It’s a milestone! Episode 10 tonight of the Sonic Collective at 7 P.M. EST. Warmer weather is here! (maybe, it IS Indiana) Open some windows and let your neighbors check out some tunes from Ramones, Alice in Chains and Black Sabbath just to name a few. Check it out and all the other shows available on Trendkill Radio.

Black Sabbath-Johnny Blade
Scorpions-China White
Pearl Jam-Deep
The Cars-Moving In Stereo
Ozzy Ozbourne- S.A.T.O.
Alice In Chains-Am I Inside
Newsted-Heroic Dose
The Raconteurs-Carolina Drama
Foo Fighters-Watershed
Ramones-Judy Is A Punk

Rabbit Trails, Path 13

Rabbit Trails, Path 13
Wednesday at 7PM EST

Come hang out for another hour of the Rabbit Trails.
David Scott hops into some of his favorite Latin jams along with one of the first rock songs to introduce a lot of distortion with feed back. What song is it?

1 hour, rock rhythm & blues, those deep cuts.

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Re-air on Thursday’s 4 PM EST

Path 13
1Whittier Blvd. by Thee Midnighters
2Viva Tirado by El Chicano
3California Soul by Marlena Shaw
4Fool For You by The Impressions
5I Got The.. by Labi Siffre
6People Are Thinking by Shirley Nanette
7Jingo by Santana
8Season of The Witch by Donovan
9You Keep Me Hangin On by Vanilla Fudge
10Rumble by Link Wray
11Waitin For The Wind by Spooky Tooth
12Soul Stripper by AC/DC
13One Hand On The Buffalo by The Heavy Eyes

The Schizophonic, Session 88

“Who says Women cant rock? Certainly not The Schizophonic! Join us for the Second episode of a four part series entitled “Women Of Rock”. This episode, we present an eclectic mix of woman for thou aural enjoyment.”

Monuments in Ruin, Ch. 111

Get ready for the creepy crawl with Monuments in Ruin and we drift through Psychedelics, Collaborations, a very special live recording and some genre benders. All completed with a nice, mellow ending. at 9pm Eastern

(00:00) Monuments in Ruin Episode 111 Track List
(00:07) Mammatus – Pierce The Darkness
(10:21) Jello Biafra & The Melvins – Yuppie Cadillac
(14:51) Keelhaul – Driver’s Bread
(24:19) Black Sabbath – Fairies Wear Boots / Behind The Wall of Sleep Peel Session 26th April, 1970
(38:21) Sleepytime Gorilla Museum – FC: The Freedom Club
(47:27) King Crimson – Easy Money
(55:58) Mogwai – Take Me Somewhere Nice

Jackie Zee, Episode 18

Time for another hour of covers with Jackie Zee! Buckle up and enjoy this journey through four decades of great and fun heavy music!
7pm Eastern / 1 CET on

An hour of great covers!
00:38 Bauhaus (UK) – Ziggy Stardust 1982 (David Bowie 1972)
03:46 Vanilla Fudge (US) – Ticket To Ride 1967 (Beatles 1965)
09:40 Clutch (US) – Who’s Been Talking 2005 (Howlin’ Wolf 1960)
13:16 Joan Jett & The Blackhearts (US) – I Wanna Be Your Dog 1988 (The Stooges 1969)
19:11 Pouppeé Fabrikk (SE) – Photographic 1991 (Depeche Mode 1981)
24:33 Motörhead (UK) – Heroes 2008 (David Bowie 1977)
28:28 Entombed (SE) – Night Of The Vampire 2005 (Roky Erickson & The Aliens 1981)
34:25 Minsk (US) – Stand For The Fire Demon 2009 (Roky Erickson & The Aliens 1981)
42:18 Soundgarden (US) – Girl U Want 1991 (Devo 1980)
45:46 Tool (US) – No Quarter 2000 (Led Zeppelin 1973)
56:39 This Mortal Coil (UK) – Song to the Siren 1984 (Tim Buckley 1970)