Max Wax, Vol. 76

The weekend’s almost here. Let’s get the party started tonight with a killer hour of Heavy Rock and Metal, with an insane mix only available on Max Wax at 9PM EST/6PM PST. Some are obscure jams that will take you back and some are among the heaviest new releases hitting the record stores now. It’s all LOUD and HEAVY, so warn the neighbors.

P.S. Not liable for blown speakers or police called to your homes.

The Schizophonic, Session 85

Snow? Bunker down and tune into The Schizophonic and forget about it for an hour! No snow? Tune in anyway as we debut a new segment featuring Local Philly Favorites “Overcoming Gravity”.
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Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 2018-03-20

Playlist Wake Up 20-03-2018

Eagle Twin : Heavy Hoof (The Thundering Heard (Songs of Hoof and Horn) Southern Lord
Scientist : Barbelith (Barbelith) self release
Elephant9 : Actionpack1 (Greatest Show on Earth) Rune Grammofon
Soft Machine : Hibou, Anemone and Bear (Volume Two) Big Beat
Tuna de Tierra : Slow Burn (Tuna de Tierra) Argonauta
Drive by Wire : Apollo (Spellbound) Argonauta/Minstrel
Hey Colossus : Hop the Railings (Radio Static High) Rocket Recordings
Fu Manchu : Il Mostro Atomico (Clone of the Universe)

Artwork: Scientist

Jackie Zee, Episode 13

Jackie Zee finds new (to her) music all the time now! But – doesn’t mean any music is being forgotten. This episode is all about Favorites Revisited! Tune in for some of the best tracks on Jackie’s playlists about ten years ago!

00:49 Dozer (SE) – TX-9 (Madre De Dios 2001)
06:19 Colour Haze (DE) – Periscope (Periscope 1999)
12:33 Guano Apes (DE) – Kiss The Dawn (Walking On A Thin Line 2003)
17:32 Stone Temple Pilots (US) – Crackerman (Core 1992)
21:43 Lonely Kamel (NO) – Dark Lord (Lonely Kamel 2008)
26:04 Karma To Burn (US) – Nineteen (Almost Heathen 2001)
30:03 Reef (UK) – Repulsive (Replenish 1995)
35:06 Death From Above 1979 (CA) – Little Girl (You’re A Woman, I’m A Machine 2004)
40:30 Truckfighters (SE) – Superfunk (Gravity X 2005)
45:35 Acid King (US) – Silent Circle (Busse Woods 1999)
52:48 Mustasch (SE) – Taunus (The True Sound Of The New West 2001)

The Schizophonic, Session 84

Tune in for the return of the Schizophonic, after a weather related week off.
No theme tonight, just a bunch of killer songs and a good time
Every Tuesday at 9pm EST
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Heavy Music for a Heavy World

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 2018-03-13 Roadburn Special

Wake Up Roadburn Special

Playlist Wake Up 13-03-2018 : Roadburn Festival special

Earthless : Gifted By The Wind (Black Heaven) Nuclear Blast
Joy : I’ve Been Down (Ride Along) Teepee
Arctic : Higher (Arctic) Outer Battery
Sacri Monti : Sittin’ Around A Restless Dream (Sacri Monti) Teepee
Petyr : Old and Creepy (Petyr) Outer Battery
Harsh Toke : Light Up and Live (Light Up and Live) Teepee
Hair of the Dog : The Spell (Siren’s Song) Bilocation Records
Hällas : Illusion Sky (Excerpts From the Future) The Sign
Kairon Irse : Sinister Water I (Ruination) Svart
Kikagaku Moyo : Zo Zo Senaka (Kikagaku Moyo) Captcha Records
Comet Control : Dig Out Your Head (Center of the Maze) Teepee
Minami Deutsch : Tunnel (Single) Hoga Nord
Can (with Damo Suzuki) : Moonshake (Future Days) United Artists
The Heads : Widowmaker (Relaxing With…) Headhunter
Motorpsycho : On A Plate (Behind the Sun) Stickman
Hidden Trails : Come and Play (Instant Momentary Bliss) Elektrohasch
Dhidalah : No Water (No Water) Guruguru Brain

Artwork Roadburn festival 2018

Monuments in Ruin, Ch. 107

“This weeks episode will introduce the MiR 2×1 format. Often enough, one song is not enough to satisfy. When artists release such wonderful talent upon the world we want to share it all. The difficult task for any music host is to decide which track from which album will be featured. The 2×1 format eases that burden a small bit by allowing two tracks.”
New episode every Monday at 9pm Eastern on

(00:00) Monuments in Ruin – Episode 107 Track List
(00:06) Ghastly City Sleep – Into The Dark
(05:46) Ghastly City Sleep – Suchness
(15:39) Mogwai – Thank You Space Expert
(22:45) Mogwai – Friend of the Night
(28:07) Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound – D Brown
(33:43) Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound – Kolob Canyon
(41:38) Earth – Father Midnight
(53:44) Earth – His Teeth Did Brightly Shine