Monuments in Ruin, Ch. 105

“This week we tackle a genre bending hour of jams! From the newest stoner/fuzz releases on the block to experimental folk and post-rock grown upon foreign (to your host) shores, all the way to darkwave and synth heavy perimeters, we must occasionally let the music consume us and take us to places outside of our daily routines. Join your host for a trip that crosses genres across the worlds musical scope.”
Monday at 9pm EST on
KTFT – Heavy Music For A Heavy World

(00:00) Monuments in Ruin – Episode 105 Track List
(00:10) Psychlona – Beakfoot
(09:01) Kurse – Four Princes
(17:17) Kauan – Fohn
(27:15) Méon – Within We Go, We Go Without
(36:55) Amos Anon – The Great Deluge
(44:02) Blindfolder – Dance Orientation
(49:06) Big Hector – Story Of Your Life
(51:33) Upside Drown – How Does He Speak
(57:01) Big Hector – The Sirens Of Titan