Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 2018-01-30

This week on Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe

Playlist Wake Up 30-01-2018
Watter : History of the Future (History of the Future) Temporary Residence
Nils Petter Molvaer : Cruel Attitude (Hamada) Sula
Bol&Snah : Epilogue (So?Now?) Gigafon
Babe Ruth : Joker (First Base) Harvest
The Band Whose Name Is A Symbol : Gaussian Blur & Beach Debris (Droneverdose) Cardinal Fuzz
Kabbalah : Phantasmal Planetoid (Spectral Ascent) Twin Earth
Sunswitch : No Gold in Aquaba (Totality) Crispin Glover
Artwork : Sunswitch by Glyn Smyth

Monuments in Ruin, Ch. 101

“Looking to get down? Let those tears flow with Monuments in Ruin’s heartbreak station 101! Sometimes a little music is all we need. Maybe it’s a form of escapism or maybe it’s the event that brings friends together. Either way, we can all agree it can be the tie that binds us. This week we dig a little deeper into the somber side. Cathartic, sad, rewarding, heavy.”
KTFT – Heavy Music For A Heavy World

(00:00) Monuments in Ruin 101 – Track List
(00:07) R.E.M. – World Leader Pretend
(04:15) Lenny Kravitz – Sister
(11:18) Led Zeppelin – No Quarter
(21:19) Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody
(27:10) Sufjan Stevens – Sister
(33:05) James Blackshaw – Fix
(38:19) Leonard Cohen – Chelsea Hotel No.2/Who By Fire
(43:51) Explosions in the Sky and David Wingo – Alone Time/Hello, Is This Your House?
(53:00) David Bowie – Memory of a Free Festival

Dopamine Dreams, Episode 12 – Emo

This episode of Dopamine Dreams, tune in for some of the heaviest of All Things Emo. You read that right. It’s a solid installment of heavy music for a heavy world… ☠️☠️☠️
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Max Wax, Vol. 71

Some of Mack’s rarest albums are in his jazz stash, and it’s full of some killers. Tune in at 9PM EST/6PM PST to jam some deep cuts off of some highly sought after wax. Your mind may be slightly blown at what you hear! Heavy jazz for a heavy world.

Rabbit Trails, Path 04

Tune in for the Rabbit Trails. Let David Scott take a stroll through your mind with some rock n’ roll cuts. Ever heard the Temptations play psychedelic R&B? Here’s your chance.

Path 4
1Gloria by Status Quo
2It’s My Life by The Animals
3Out On The Tiles by Led Zeppelin
4If I Could Hide Away by CCR
5Stop by Mike Bloomfeild
6Heavy Chevy by Alabama Shakes
7You Know What I Mean by Cults
8Let Him Run Wild by The Beach Boys
9Hold Tight by Dave Dee
10Valleri by The Monkees
11Still In School by NRBQ
12Late Again by Stealers Wheels
13Take A Stroll Thru Your Mind by The Temptations
14Bridge of Sighs by Robin Trower
15Out Of Time by The Rolling Stones

Wake Up at the Other End of the Universe 2018-01-23

Heavy rock with sax

Five the Hierophant : Queen over Phlegethon (Over Phlegeton)
Spidergawd : Crossroads (II)
Fatso Jetson : Here Lies Boomer’s Panic (Archaic Volumes)
Kurushimi : Kamaitachi (Kurushimi)
Møster! : Soundhouse Rumble (When You Cut Into The Present)
Ex Eye : Opposition/Perihelion; The Coil (Ex Eye)
Free Nelson MandoomJazz : Poking the Bear (Awakening of A Capital)
Fire! : Would I Whip (Without Noticing) (Without Noticing)
Electric Masada : Idalah­Abal (At the Mountains of Madness)
Shining : House Of Warship (International Blackjazz Society)