Max Wax, Vol. 66

The new QOTSA album has landed. And if you dig ’em, then you’re not going to want to miss this show, featuring tracks from every QOTSA album, including the brand new “Villains”, plus rare covers and live cuts. Let’s dance… on a brand new edition of Max Wax.

The Schizophonic, Session 68

Tonight on The Schizophonic, we concentrate on songs that came out in the Pre CD era. A lot of classics on this session including Sabbath and Priest, with a glimpse into Chuck’s vocal singing style!

Monuments in Ruin, Ch. 84

This week in episode 84, we get back to the basics. Vinyl records! Although we kick this off with some extreme brutality, this week eases into a nice, smooth flow. Lots of classic jams contained in the mix, a few super groups and a closer that encompasses some of those beautiful emotions we all admire in an album. Get dialed in and the volume stabilized.
KTFT – Heavy Music For A Heavy World.

play list
(00:07) False – Entropy
(15:13) Temple of the Dog – Pushing Forward Back
(18:54) Thin Lizzy – Mama Nature Said
(23:36) Black Crowes – Wiser Time
(33:43) Jeniferever – You Only Move Twice
(40:31) Radiohead – Backdrifts
(51:54) Crippled Black Phoenix – Wake Me When It’s Time To Sleep
(57:14) Crippled Black Phoenix – Caring Breeds the Horror

Into The Void, Episode 123 Summer Of Doom: The class of 2017

It’s finally time to reveal the complete line up for the Summer Of Doom that will happen on Into The Void starting June 16th when we release 10 episodes of Into The Void Presents The Summer Of Doom.

We have invited ten friends to choose the music for ten episodes. This is the perfect soundtrack to the summer of 2017. And the people who do this is Marc Gaffney (Gozu), Andrea Vidal (Holy Grove), Shy Kennedy (Horehound), Aerik Von (Lucifer Jones), Mr. Jay (Kingnomad), Joushua Wilkinson (The Company), Sonny Stark (Age Of Woe), Alexi D. Front (Scorched Tundra Festival), Erik & Tomasz from Metalpodden (a swedish pod about heavy music and family life) and Joey Castillo (Zakk Sabbath and more).

A big thank you to all involved!

Max Wax, Vol. 65

The Eclipse Side of the Moon… thanks to the eclipse this week, Mack’s decided to commit his entire show tonight to Pink Floyd tracks from the ’70s. Some lunar related… some not, but it’s an hour of the best Floyd from the last decade that a total eclipse grabbed the attention of the US.

Monuments in Ruin, Ch. 83

Hang out with your host this week as he digs into the cassette bank unearthed from the recent move. This one is certainly a time machine, of sorts. Mix Tape Series Volume One! Enjoy!

(07:15) THE BREEDERS – cannonball
(10:45) NED’S ATOMIC DUSTBIN – kill your television
(13:39) POSTER CHILDREN – dee
(24:54) CORROSION OF CONFORMITY – these shrouded temples/damned for all time
(33:13) L7 – one more thing
(41:02) METALLICA – my friend of misery
(47:34) ALICE IN CHAINS – it aint like that
(52:04) RASPUTINA = trench mouth
(59:26) ALICE IN CHAINS – sunshine

Into The Void, Episode 122

In this heavy grinding episode of Into The Void our brave hero travels beyond the wall of sleep to dream a ancient dream ruled by the power of the riff. It’s all inside the skull in this one. Playing tracks by Godhunter, Maggot Heart, Ex People, Steak, Antichrist, Here Lies Man, Wolfbrigade and some classics by Monolord and Candlemass. And in the end we pay tribute to the late Chris Cornell.

Max Wax, Vol. 64

Tonight, we’re going to feature a new artist on the scene who’s being compared to Hank Sr., Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, Sturgill Simpson… just to name a few. Tyler Childers is making country outlaw and roots again and, if you want to hear some amazing talent, tune in tonight! Trust us… it’s heavy… just without the metal.