The Schizophonic, Session 43

On Tonight’s Session of The Schizophonic we explore the realm of re-imagining other peoples songs. Call them remakes or call them covers, it’s just a different take on a tune you may already know. As usual we will be all over the musical map with this one! Go ahead and invite your friends.

Monuments in Ruin, Ch. 61

This week we soak in the psychedelic sounds of Mammatus, feel the earth shake from the atomic meltdown of Mogwai and glide across the heavy flood of Pelican. Instrumental jams meet the major icons for an accompaniment of lost heroes. Though this week holds a heartbeat for the delicate sounds, we will witness the heaviness of Light Bearer to take us through to the end. Chapter 61 is available to stream or download now.

Sonic Temple, Episode 13

Bobby Ferry of the band -(16)- joins DPS in the Temple for an exclusive ‘track talk’ interview; plus the newest and freshest in Heavy music from around the globe with your host & curator David Paul Seymour! “Episode Lucky 13” is available for podcast listening NOW! Exclusively at

Into The Void, Episode 100

Episode 100 of Into The Void Radio takes you on a trip into the unknown vast space of the heavy underground. Stay tuned. Stay heavy!

The Schizophonic, Session 42

“Alright all of you mother Chuck’rs out there! It’s time once again to celebrate the past and the present with another crazy mix of vinyl madness. The Schizophonic is hitting the airwaves and is packed with riffs so big you’ll yearn to go back in time and rock with the golden gods from days long past. Featuring Skid Row, Iron Maiden and so much more! Only on KTFT. Heavy music for a heavy world.”

Into The Void, Episode 99

Heavy 90’s continued aka episode 99 is in the cloud. Death by nostalgia as we play @weareministry @nineinchnails @soundgarden @aliceinchains @megadeth White Zombie, L7 and much more.

Into The Void, Episode 98

Episode 98 is here and we revisit some of the talks we did with some of our favourite bands during 2016. @elephant_tree_band @holy_grove @@zakksabbath @redwizardofficial @gozu666 @thewellband and @vokonis all cramed in one episode. Pretty fucking cool if you ask us…

Into The Void, Episode 97

Remember the 90’s? We do. So we stuffed episode 97 with lots of heavy rock from 1990 and forward. Suicidal Tendencies, Pantera, Ministry, Sepultura, Peace Love & Pitbulls, Carcass, At The Gates, Napalm Death, Fight and Guns ‘n’ Roses. So bring out your flanell shirt and trim that goatee, bring out the beer and tune in to the heavy!

Sonic Temple, Episode 12

Sonic Temple Radio hits the airwaves with another hour of fresh, new, heavy music! This week, Episode 12, “Entering Valhalla”…get into an exclusive one-on-one interview with Year of the Cobra, plus fresh new music from KREATOR, AMON AMARTH, AKASAVA, RINGWORM, HEAVY TRAFFIC, GRAJO, and much, much more!!!