Into The Void, Episode 94

What a year it has been for thrash metal from The Bay Area! We take a in depth look at what has happened with @deathangelofficial @megadeth Testament and @metallica over the years that has passed since. All of these bands have released stellar albums in 2016. #metallica #testament #deathangel #megadeth #thebayarea #sanfrancisco #oakland #berkley #trendkillradio #gripofdelusionradio


Sonic Temple, Episode 7

Get heavy with the artist of rock and roll, Mr. David Paul Seymour. Warning… be advised that this show is highly addictive and could lead to prolonged hearing loss.

Episode 7 playlist includes:
• Exclusive ZAUM ‘Track Talk’
New music by:
• Iron Reagan
• Cities of Mars
• Awooga
• The Watchers
• Droids Attack
• And a Live Song by Archarus!