The Schizophonic, Session 37

Tonight on the Schizophonic, we explore bands that could be considered game changers in the world of music.


Mark’s Madhouse, Ep. 32 – Rush

Now available in Mark’s Madhouse, we celebrate the over 40 year career of Rush with all live tracks, so sit back, grab cold one and enter the Temple of Syrinx…


Sessions With Jimbo, Pt. 7 (2 of 2)

On This Sessions With Jimbo.. We have Part 2 of.. Voices Lyrics and the Musical Madness. I put together some of the best lyricists and voices in the business.. I even added a little madness to the mix.


Into The Void, Episode 96

Another hour of brutal and heavy sounds for your skull. This one offers new stuff with Holy Serpent and Pagandom and old stuff with classic tracks by Bathory, Candlemass and Sepultura. Go and get heavy!


Into The Void, Episode 95

Episode 95 is here. Link in bio. This is a study in heaviness exploring riffs by @theheavydeath @domkraftdomkraft @craneiumband @metallica @pagandom_official @nightterrorsthlm The Dahmers @judaspriest Eyehategod and @citiesofmars Can you dig?


Into The Void, Episode 94

What a year it has been for thrash metal from The Bay Area! We take a in depth look at what has happened with @deathangelofficial @megadeth Testament and @metallica over the years that has passed since. All of these bands have released stellar albums in 2016. #metallica #testament #deathangel #megadeth #thebayarea #sanfrancisco #oakland #berkley #trendkillradio #gripofdelusionradio


Sonic Temple, Episode 7

Get heavy with the artist of rock and roll, Mr. David Paul Seymour. Warning… be advised that this show is highly addictive and could lead to prolonged hearing loss.

Episode 7 playlist includes:
• Exclusive ZAUM ‘Track Talk’
New music by:
• Iron Reagan
• Cities of Mars
• Awooga
• The Watchers
• Droids Attack
• And a Live Song by Archarus!