Sonic Temple, Episode 6

Episode 6.66 “Black Sunday” is now on air and online! Tonight’s episode includes “Track Talk” with Night Demon plus new music from Domkraft, Scorpion Child, Truckfighters, Tumbleweed Dealer, Witchden & more! Plus a face-melting live track by The Wolf Council!!! Don’t miss it!



Sessions With Jimbo, Part 7 (1 of 2)

I know you’ve heard my shows over in Fan Friday.. But now that I have been put into the spotlight for a Full Time Friday Night Gig… It is time to cut loose!
Tonight on Sessions With Jimbo! I have put together a 2 part masterpiece! VOICES , LYRICS AND MUSICAL MADNESS! Tonight’s show promises the best!



The Schizophonic, Session 36

Tonight on the Schizophonic, beside playing of all this kickass music for you, we talk about the “Godmother” of metal, guitar tones, and the roots of metal.



Monuments in Ruin, Ch. 55

Are you ready to tune in for another batch of across the board jams!?!? In four sets we plan to kick things off with some genre benders, settle in for heaviness in round two, let the infectious and flavorful funk consume the grooves for the third set and close it out with both classic and modern psychedelic vibes!



Sonic Temple, Episode 5

The Temple is rocking hard this week, featuring live CONAN, new music from Tombstones, Sahg, ROAST and much more – plus a killer track talk interview with Kent & Michael of Wo Fat !!! Only on TRENDKILLRADIO.COM!!!! Spend an hour with me as I rack em up and knock em down!!! Episode 5, “11th Hour of Humanity” is now alive!