Where are YOU rocking out at?

What’s happening, Trendkillers?  Like the evil doctor in his lab, I have been scouring over the listener stats and have been stoked as Lars Ulrich at a tennis match over the growth that we are seeing.  I find it interesting to see where people are listening to us from, considering that Trendkill is just as easily streamed in Amsterdam as in Austin, TX.  Therefore, I’m simply sharing our Top 10 Markets in the United States, followed by our Top 10 Markets that are outside the U.S.  Over time, these change… so I’ll update you again down the road.  Thanks for listening, keep your music true and turn it up ’til it moves you!  -Mack

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Screenshot 2016-06-01 18.26.25

Screenshot 2016-06-01 18.27.21