Monuments in Ruin, Chapter 15

Tune in to Monuments in Ruin while we walk through Argentinian psychedelic rock, English stoner rock and German progressive rock. We will also in dabble in Swedish blues rock, West Coast desert rock and even get into some thematic American horn rock!  Fasten your seat belt for this one.


Max Wax, Volume 18

Mack’s got a brand new show for you to party with after the Super Bowl, so get your drink and eats on, win some cash, hopefully watch your team win and then get loud w/ a heavy and ambient show perfect for a post-game buzz. Featuring Neurosis, Witch, ISIS and Tool… at high levels off the turntable. Go team.


The Schizophonic, Session 1

Join Chuck on his Schizophrenic Journey through all types of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal, in his first show!  The first of many hours full of his schizophrenic attitude surrounded with old school metal.  Getloud with Badlands, Priest, Sabbath, TNT, Saigon Kick, Guns N Roses and more…


Monuments in Ruin, Chapter 14

Tune into Monuments in Ruin while we discuss travel topics, coffee mixture, grape drink, brand names, three pack specials and discount codes.   Oh yeah, there’s Black Sabbath, Janes Addiction, The Melvins and Rosetta in the mix, too!  Let us know what you think of the new “On The Road”  format, Trendkillers.