The Schizophonic, Session 4

Lose your mind for an hour with Session 4 of The Schizophonic, where  he takes you on a journey of classic tracks by some of your favorite old… and new rockers.  The Crüe, Cinderella, Extreme (No, not the slow song), Skid Row, Breaking Benjamen… and a whole lot more will have you booking for your fifth session.



Max Wax, Volume 19

Yeah… Valentine’s Day and love and stuff… I’m just over here rocking out w/ some classic love/anti-love jams and loving the music spilling off my turntable. Come on and celebrate V-Day w/ me!  Or don’t… but listen.  This show is heavy, inspired and all-around, full of affection for heavy love stuff. Subscribe to the RSS Feed on while you’re here and you’ll be cued up! Probot Machine Head Queensrÿche Orchid Geoff Tate (Official) Generation of Vipers The Sword